How To Find Affordable Electronic Cigarette Refills

Do you smoke e-cigarettes? Even though electronic cigarettes are a much more affordable alternative to real cigarettes, you still have to buy cartridges or refills. Keep reading for some useful tips on how to find affordable electronic cigarette refills.
You have probably seen a e-liquid being sold as an alternative to the cartridges. The e-liquid can be used to fill the old cartridges again and is actually more affordable than buying cartridges. You should however know that cartridges are not designed to last forever.

Filling them with more liquid is a good way to save money but you are actually taking the risk of ending up with an e-cig that leaks, which can cause a serious health risk, especially if you have young children or pets. Besides, handling the e-liquid causes you to be exposed to very concentrated amounts of nicotine. Even though this is a cheaper option, it is not as safe as buying cartridges.

Some cartridges are designed to fit on any model of e-cigarettes. It is however best to buy cartridges designed by the same manufacturer who made your e liquid. Cartridges from another manufacturer might not fit perfectly and end up leaking or might not deliver the same amount of smoke. Keep in mind that a high quality cartridge will really feel like you are smoking an actual cigarette while a cheaper cartridge will not release the same quality of vapor.

Try different flavors. Some cartridges are tobacco flavored and there are even cartridges that taste exactly like your favorite cigarette brand. If your goal is to quit smoking, perhaps getting used to smoking something that does not taste like tobacco would be helpful. You should consider buying some flavored cartridges so you can try different tastes and find one you really like. Every manufacturer has a different selection of flavors, which usually include menthol, fruit flavor, vanilla, chocolate or even original and exotic flavors like pina colada.

You should calculate how long a cartridge lasts you. If you replace your cigarettes with an e-cig, a cartridge should last as long as a pack does. If you only occasionally take a puff from your e-cigarette, a cartridge can last for several weeks. Make sure your e-cigarette is properly charged before you replace the cartridge since a low charge can make it hard to get a lot of vapor out of the cigarette. Cartridges will stay fresh as long as you keep them inside the sealed packaging they come in so you should not hesitate to buy them in bulk.

Ordering your cartridges online is a good way to save money. Stores will usually charge you more and you will not get discounts if you buy large quantities. Ordering your cartridges in bulk on the Internet allows you to save on shipping and most sites offer discounts if you order a large quantity. Some e-cigarette sites even give you points for each purchase and you can redeem prizes or discounts once you earn enough points. You should compare prices on different site as well as the incentives offered. Paying a little more for your cartridges can be worth it if you end up getting some free cartridges as a reward for your purchases.

Switching to an e-cigarette is a lot more affordable than buying regular cigarettes but you can save even more by looking for good deals on cartridges. Keep in mind that spending less to get a low quality cartridge is not worth it because cheap cartridges can leak or not last you as long as a quality product would. Test different brands of refills until you find one you like.